Dear prospective students,

One of the most important decisions in human life is the right choice of profession. Tourism is main development challenge in Montenegro, and one of the key industries at the global level. We believe that the creativity, desire for achievement, communication are values that your inheritance. Therefore, it becomes very meaningful, that your commitment is just tourism. Faculty of Tourism, is the first private higher education institution in Montenegro with a distinctive outcome of its graduates and postgraduates who are employed in a wide range of occupations offered by tourism. You can expect a team of experienced professors and lecturers, whose modern methods of teaching are the best way of connecting theory and practice. You will have the opportunity to attend lectures done by visiting experts, to take practice in tourist enterprises, participate in projects and professional conferences, at fairs and other events that the students feel more like members of a large tourism family. The opportunity to participate in the international mobility programs for students' exchange opens you up new perspectives. Our goal is to empower young people to be ready to engage in dynamic and highly competitive business environment that governs in the modern tourism. We will be happy to achieve this goal together

prof. Silvana Đurašević, PhD