In the qualificational procedure, general success on final exam or at the ending of secondary education is evaluated as the general condition for enrollment.

Here are the additional conditions for enrolling:

  • general success at the ending of each grade during the high school education
  • success from two subjects from the third and fourth grade of the high school education, which are important for mastering the study programme
  • success on entrance examination
  • Differential exam (if exists)
  • Luča Certificate or some equivalent certificate

General success on the final exam, meaning the endind of the high school education, is realized according to the following point list:

  • Excellent (5) 5 points;
  • Very good (4) 4 points
  • Good (3) 3 points;
  • Sufficient (2) 2 points.

For persons who didn’t’ have final exam, the mark of the general success of the final grade of the high school will be considered as the mark of the final exam.

“Luča Certificate”

 It is awarded according to the articles 2 and 5 “Luča Certificate Law” (Public Magazine, number 21/97), and a person who have a certificate identical to it will be awarded 5 points. Luča Certificate, which, according to the articles 3 and 5 of the “Luča Certificate Law” (Public Magazine 21/97), and a person who have a certificate identical to it, will be awarded 3 points.


Excluding foreign citizens, the unique ranking list is formed for all the participants of the course. A special ranking list is created for students who are foreign citizens. Enrolling in study programmes of the University is based on achieved results, according to the new set of rules, which are published on the Rank list. Candidates who have the same number of points achieve the right to enroll with the same conditions.